“Best coffee in town is at the Twitter Coffee Shop” @thechadcolby #colbyagtech

by Chad Colby

This is one of my favorite blog posts, enjoy.

Most of you who read this post is already using social media to some degree.  But the truth is agriculture is using social media to communicate in ways that have never been done before.  I know for me personally over the past several years the use of social media has provided me things I who have never done without it.

  • There are not that many farmers, Twitter is a great place to network.    Fact is over the past 20-30 yrs there are less and less farmers and social media is a great place for farmer to “talk” about business with other farmers.
  • “Talking shop”  or education.  Farmers are constantly learning, and has this industry changes growers are always looking for the next “thing” to improve their operation.  I have seen many times conversations on Twitter about new technologies introduced into the marketplace.
  • Marketing information, never before has there be a better tool to understand crop conditions.
  • Consumer Education.  There is no question that social media does provide a great place to share farming practices of today.  With SO much media pressure on hot topics like GMO, Twitter gives a great place to educate growers.

I’ve been on social media for years and one thing I have learned is you get out of it what you put into it like anything else.   The role of social media is changing I would say, more of a common way of communication rather something just young people do to spend there time.

What’s the best part of this in my opinion?   That’s an easy one, the relationship I have made with people from all over the county.  Lot of those people I would honestly say are my friends and will be well into the future.

So please share this post with your friends and let’s get more people into this new “coffee” shop.   Oh and I don’t drink coffee either. lol.

There are few photo of some of my friends from all over the country, I've been fortunate to see many guys in my travels and we continue to "chat" via twitter very often. 



Mark Rohrich
@sunflowerfarmer ~ North Dakota


Awesome Farmer Nick
@NickEhlers01 ~ Iowa


Team Awesome
@harmon03 & Michael Harmon
@MHARMON03 ~ Iowa


Neil Bernhoft
@AgWorx ~ North Dakota


Brian Scott
@thefarmerslife ~ Indiana